"Where did the 'Buy Now' buttons go?"

(and other questions about How to Be a Hero book sales)

For those of you with eagle eyes, you may have noticed that all of the "Buy Now" and "Reserve Your Copy" buttons have disappeared from LiveLikeReid.com ... and there's a perfectly reasonable explanation.

We're processing preorders as you read this!

We have a dedicated community of folks who have been patiently waiting for their copies of How to Be a Hero for almost a year, and we want to honor their patience.

So, until further notice, we are committed to fulfilling their orders.

The very best way for us to do this is to block off time before public sales begin during which we no longer accept names on the waiting list. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for YOUR patience.

But what about YOU? YOU want a copy as soon as possible, and YOU didn't know about the waiting list, did you?

We have a solution for that too.

Sign up to receive email notifications, or join the Live Like Reid community on Facebook. As soon as public sales begin, YOU will be the first to know and YOU can get your copy as soon as they become available.